Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night – Bon Jovi (Music Video)

Published on April 13, 2018


Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night” is a song by American rock band Bon Jovi. It is taken from their 1994 greatest hits album Cross Road and reached #7 in the UK Top 40.

“Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night” is about optimism in the face of adversity. The song’s first verse introduces the characters Jim who struggles to find employment and is forced to sleep in his car, and Billie-Jean who was abused by her foster father and has turned to prostitution at the age of sixteen (remarking that the street-life ain’t much better but at least I’m getting paid), mourning the loss of her childhood.

The song’s pre-chorus and chorus refer to life, luck, and survival, looking forward to when times are better (the eponymous Saturday Night). The lyrics on the album is explicit.

The song is considered to be a fan favorite and a popular example of Bon Jovi’s upbeat anthemic choruses taking on deeper meaning during the 1990s. It is often performed live and has been refined in several different versions over the years. For example, there is a 1995 recording from Melbourne on the band’s One Wild Night Live 1985–2001 live CD, where Jon Bon Jovi sings the intro slowly, encouraging the crowd to join in before the band come in and return the song to tempo. This version also features an extended interlude. On the Lost Highway Tour the song had been played in a version closer to the original studio recording, but for The Circle Tour, it is played in a slower acoustic style. The song was performed on select dates of the Because We Can Tour either in its slow acoustic arrangement or in its original arrangement.

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