To Be With You – Mr. Big (Official Video)

Published on May 11, 2018


To Be with You” is a soft rock ballad by American hard rock band Mr. Big. It was released in late 1991 as the second single from their second album, Lean into It. The song first charted on December 21, 1991, appearing in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. It rose in the charts in over 20 countries, reaching number one in the U.S. It also reached a peak of number three in the UK.

The song was written and composed by Eric Martin during his teen years, with guitarist Paul Gilbert contributing to its melodic arrangements later on. Writing credit is also given to David Grahame, a songwriter working for the label at the time.

While in Gilbert’s apartment at Yucca Street in L.A., he and Martin were laying out their compositions. Martin had a ballad called “To Be with You”. Gilbert had his psychedelic rock song called “Green Tinted Sixties Mind”. Both felt the two songs were strong enough to be included in their upcoming album, despite it being purely rock; and true enough, these songs remained throughout the course of their career as a group and as solo artists.

“To Be With You” is about a man who has his eye on a woman who recently experienced a broken heart from a previous relationship. When Martin was a sophomore in high school, he was friends with his older sister’s friend (who was a senior). She would give him rides to school and tell him about all the boy problems she had. Martin had a huge crush on her but didn’t tell her since he knew a senior would never go out with a sophomore. Martin wrote this song about her.

The music video was directed by Nancy Bennett and features the band performing in a railroad car. The video changes from black & white to color around the halfway mark.

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