Misunderstood – Bon Jovi (Music Video)

Published on May 23, 2018


Misunderstood” is a single by American rock band Bon Jovi, released in 2002. It is from the album Bounce. The song was featured on the 2003 Brazilian soap opera Mulheres Apaixonadas as a theme of the loving couple (Edwiges and Cláudio). The song was a big hit there, making the song a Top 5 hit. The single is a version of the album cut that was remixed by Tim Palmer at Electric Lady Studios in New York.

The song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

The video begins with a girl, Jill, opening the door to her room where she and her boyfriend, Jack, live. As she enters, she catches both Jack and another woman naked in bed. Shocked and embarrassed, Jack claims that it isn’t what it looks like and begs her to let him explain. The video turns into a flashback and the music begins. The flashback shows Jack’s far-fetched explanation with his dialogue displayed at the bottom of the screen and Bon Jovi playing the song throughout. Here is Jack’s dialogue:

I was buying you flowers…I slipped and hit my head…I was unconscious…someone stole my wallet…I had amnesia…I wandered aimlessly…I found the pick-pocket…and chased him…into a bad situation! They put me in a box…and dumped me into the river! I floated for hours…finally I landed ashore…I just wanted to go home…but I was mistakenly arrested…and put behind bars. They finally caught the real crook…I ended up outside a secret club…I was front row at a Bon Jovi concert…and my memory came back! I was attacked by dogs…they ripped my clothes off…finally I made it to your bedroom…and just then an earthquake hit…and this girl fell through the ceiling!”

Then the video returns to the present and ends with Jack saying, “And that’s exactly how it happened.”

The uncut version of the video features different footage of Bon Jovi playing the song, as well as an extended beginning and ending which confirms that Jack was cheating on Jill. In the extended beginning, Jack can be heard while engaged in sexual activity inside of Jill’s room just as she opens the door. This is followed by alternate dialogue from Jill where after Jack tells her that it isn’t what it looks like, she expresses her disbelief by asking him how it could possibly be anything else. This is then followed by additional footage where after Jack begs Jill to let him explain, she urges him to do so. Jack pauses for a moment, clearly unsure as to what he’s going to say next, indicating that his following story is a complete fabrication. In the extended ending, after Jack finishes speaking, Jill produces a picture of him in their bed while engaged in a threesome with two other women. She asks him to explain that as well to which Jack nonchalantly says, “You know, there’s an even better story for that.”

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